About Charlie Brear 

Charlie Brear is a contemporary bridal and eveningwear label. Our bridal collections are stocked in over 50 boutiques world wide and has attracted a cult following from spirited and modern brides who want their wedding dress to be as unique as they are. 

The Charlie Brear story started somewhat by accident. In 2005 Charlie, who worked as a fashion stylist, found herself selling off vintage wedding dresses sourced for a music video. She was struck by the growing interest amongst her circle of friends for something alternative to get married in, which at the time seemed limited.


This motivated her to launch her own bridal wear company, selling one-off original pieces. Charlie subsequently began designing her own collections and fell truly in love with bridal. The addition of a red carpet-focused line in 2013 has also made Charlie Brear a destination for beautifully made eveningwear.




  About Amy Mair Couture

“I have always wanted to create beautiful gowns that women feel beautiful wearing and use luxurious fabrics to create silhouettes but I started out as a keen artist in school. I knew that I would have to fulfill my dream and lead a path as a creative.

Once I was taught to sew and manipulate form in pattern construction I developed a whole new love and passion for design that was different, more challenging and rewarding for me than painting on canvas.”


Willowby by Watters

Many moons ago, (37 years if you’re the numbers type), a light went off in the mind of Vatana Watters. She’d been designing one-off dresses for herself, as well as friends and family – who came up empty handed when looking for dresses that didn’t feel cookie-cutter.

So Vatana took a vow (ha), to take matters into her own hands. Fast forward to now. The Watters family has become a creative tribe of designers, pattern makers and seamstresses. Our focus – know fashion, pick up on trends and understand how your wants and needs evolve. Drama, comfort, style, versatility and individuality. We want to be all that to brides and bridesmaids.


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